Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer for US Immigration ?

An Immigration Lawyer is an independent practitioner who helps the clients with the issues relating US visas,Green cards,US citizenship and Naturalization,Criminal waivers issues and all other complex issues.As the US immigration law is federal,so people can get help of US immigration Lawyers whether they are living the US or any other country.

The USCIS(United States Citizenship& Immigration Service) reports that about 60 % of the applications and petitions are rejected if they are filed without any legal counsel.It happens because the US immigration laws are very complex and as the time is passing,it is becoming more complex and difficult  day by day.

Preparing for immigration can involve much more than just filling the proper forms.The experienced immigration lawyers or attorneys review the specific facts of your case,determine the various legal remedies,determine various risks or liabilities and guide your case through whole immigration process.The main work of lawyers is to predict legal issues and solving them,avoiding delay and resolving all the legal complications.

At Berardi Immigration Law,the immigration lawyer Ontario and other immigration attorneys have many year of combined experience handling all aspects of US immigration law.The lawyers can help you through the immigration process by minimizing the confusion and cut the excessive and unnecessary paperwork.For more help,Contact our Immigration Lawyers in Canada.

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  1. Simply letting anyone work anywhere - the crux of it, "simply". Nothing is simple in the Western Welfare Democracies. I am more than happy that people who simply want to work here are allowed to do so but that is not the nature of the migration

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