Monday, March 2, 2015

Work Visas for USA - H Work Visas

US employers uses the H Visas program to employ the foreign employees for the specific occupations.Many US employers needs highly skilled workers after a certain period of time.So the Canadians or other employees who wants to work under those employers needs H visas for enter into the US.The H visa category offers employment based, non immigrant visa to individuals who meets certain specific criteria.
 There are number of categories of H visas including : H1-B, H2-A,H2-B,H-3 Visas.

H1-B Visas (Specialty Workers)

If any Canadian is interested in working in the US as a professional and have a job offer from the US employer,then the person is eligible for the H1-B Visa.The H1-B visa category allows the professionals to work under specific or in "specialty occupation". The specialty occupations defines a job position which needs at least graduation or bachelor degree.The dependents or spouses of H1-B visa are entitled to H4 status.The Professionals which are eligible for H1 visas are Doctors,Accountants,architects,engineers,Professors, Computer programmers etc.

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H2-A and H2-B Visas (Temporary Alien Labor)

The H2-A and H2-B visas are used to bring workers in the US for the temporary and seasonal type of jobs when there is shortage of local US workers.The H2-A visa category includes seasonal and temporary workers for Agricultural jobs while H2-B visa category includes workers for non agricultural jobs.There is currently an annual cap of 66,000 visas for H2-B visas.The first step for US employers for hiring the Non US employees is that they need to apply the Temporary labor certification from the department of Labor.The dependents of H2 workers are entitled to H4 status.

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H3 Visas 

The Applicants coming to the US primarily for the training purposes in any specific field are categorized under the H3 visas.The trainees can take training in any specialized areas except the graduate education and training including medical training or any training program which is not available in the applicants home country.With this visa,the applicant can stay in the US for approx 2 years and the dependents of H3 visa holders are entitled to H4 status.

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