Friday, February 20, 2015

Obtain American Work Visas Based on NAFTA - Berardi Immigration Law

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is US non immigrant Professional Visa that allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the US in prearranged business activities for the US or foreign employers.The NAFTA creates special economic and trade relationships for the US,Canada and Mexico.Individual who are permanent residents but not citizen of Canada or Mexico are not eligible for NAFTA professional visa.Work Permits under NAFTA do not require Labor Market Impact Assessment

Eligibility for the Professionals of Canada and Mexico for obtaining NAFTA Visa:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico.
  • Profession should be listed in the NAFTA list.
  • Position in the US requires a NAFTA professionals.
  • The Mexicans and Canadians must be work for full time or part time job.   

NAFTA work permit list of Professions:
General Category : Accountant, Architect , Economist , Engineer , Forester , Graphic Designer , Hotel Manager , Interior Designer , Industrial designer , Lawyer , and many more.
Scientific Category:    Technician , Social works, Urban Planner , Vocational Counselor.
Medical/ Allied Professional :  Dentist,Dietician,Nutritionist, Pharmacist,Physician, Psychologist etc
So if you are a Canadian or Mexican Citizen and need NAFTA work permits and have any issue regarding immigration to USA, then Berardi Immigration Law can help you. At Berardi immigration Law, lawyers helps the clients in Southern Ontario and around the world to obtain American work visas based on NAFTA.Contact the Immigration Lawyers in Canada to handle your TN visa or U.S. green card  application so you can cross the border with confidence.Call at 877-721-6100 for more assistance.

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