Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Labor Certfication - PERM, RIR and Standard.

Labor Certification is the most widely used employment based opportunity for obtaining a US green card.It requires a US employer to prove that there are no minimally qualified US workers for that position.Once the US department of Labor approves the application, the employee will be able to apply to US citizenship and Immigration services(CIS) for permanent Residency or US green card.

Labor certification is usually considered in two ways : Applications that are filed before 28 March 2005, are processed under standard or under " Reduction in Recruitment" (RIR)  and applications filed on or after 28 march 2005 are processed under completely new program called " Program Electronic Review Management" or commonly known as PERM.

PERM(Program Electronic Review Management) :

PERM  is US department of Labor's most recent program for Permanent Labor certification program. It was officially initiated on Dec 27,2004.
The main key points in the PERM program are:
  • PERM rules are applied on all those applications that are applied on or after 28 March 2005.
  • US employer must pay 100% of the prevailing wage instead of 95% of wages.
  • The PERM application must be filed electronically , directly with the Department of Labor.
Find more details about PERM here... What is PERM certification? 

RIR ( Reduction in Recruitment) :

Reduction in Recruitment or commonly known as RIR is the most commonly used labor certification program in late 1990's and early 2000's. RIR is very similar to the PERM and standard program in terms of recruitment and how the applications are processed.The main difference is that how the government processes the application and how much time the processing takes. The application under RIR are filed with the State workforce agency(SWA) and then after the reviewing whole details and documents the applications are forwarded to US Department of Labor for final Review. 

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