Saturday, December 13, 2014

US Immigration Laws For Canadians

US is very welcoming to its northern neighbors.There are many Canadians who wish to migrate to US for better Living and for citizenship benefits.Canadians who really wish to move to US have several options if they want to apply for US Visas like TN-1 visa, H1-B visa etc. Some Options that are really very quick and fast while some takes time for processing.

Here are some the several Options that help you getting a US visa:

1. TN-1 VISA : With the TN-1 Visa, a Canadian have the option to live and work in US for upto 1 year with the option to renew it annually.Many Canadians usually renew their TN-1 visas for many years in order to avoid the lengthy and hectic process of applying the permanent Visa to US.
In order to get a TN-1 Visa, a Canadians needs to go to US border checkpoint along with the proof of citizenship such as passport,the official letter from the legitimate employer with proper job description,qualification required and brief description of the employer's business is also needed in documented form.
 In addition,the proof of education and original copies of any professional licenses and qualifications is also required.The TN-1 visa then be obtained from US citizenship & immigration services(USCIS) offered.A $50 fee is required.

2.H1-B VISA :  H1-B Visa allows the Canadians to work and live in the US for three years.You can renew it once for a total of six years of work eligibility.H1-B visas are often called as the gateway to the employment based permanent residency because the employers can sponsor an applicant for transition to an EB-3 permanent green card.
 In order to qualify for HB-1 visa,one must show proof of education and professionals credentials with job letter from the employer and then the next process is under the USCIS. The total cost to issue the visa is typically between $3500 to $7000.

3.FAMILY BASED PETITION : Permanent residency through a family petition is the slowest process of getting US visa. It is also known as I-130 petitions and are available to those who have family who are either US citizens or permanent residents.It takes up to 4 to 10 years. USCIS prefers relationship over other relations. Spouses and children of US residents enjoy the fastest processing while the chances are usually good for a Canadian citizen but this way of immigration is slow and tedious.

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