Monday, December 22, 2014

Effects of Immigration on USA

Immigration has risen in the United States and its highest than any other country in the World since 1930s. US is always on the top priority of every migrant who wish to move to other countries for better living and settling.There are about 12 millions unauthorized immigrants in the US.There are more Canadians immigrating to USA than other immigrants. How does immigration effects US economy and culture, it is the major political debate topic.Everybody have different views about this topic.

According to expert economists, the following effects have been recorded on various areas:

1.GOVERNMENT BUDGETS : According to the economists, the immigrants pays more in taxes than they use in services.They add $10 billion a year to the US economy and federal budgets than is spent on them.Immigrants can raise public education cost and force considerable costs on places.

2. JOBS :  All the economists are agree to this fact that immigrants do not effect unemployment or wages very much,except for low skilled workers.The most recent economic evidence suggests that on average, the immigrants increase the income and opportunities for Americans.Generally the immigrants do not compete with the US Born workers for the same job,instead, the immigrants complement the work of US workers and increase their productivity.

3.HEALTH CARE : According to the center of immigration studies, the increase in the number of people without healthcare insurance since 1989 has been driven  by immigrants. This struggle the resources of those who provide medical care for uninsured, and raises insurance premiums for people who have insurance.

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