Monday, December 22, 2014

Effects of Immigration on USA

Immigration has risen in the United States and its highest than any other country in the World since 1930s. US is always on the top priority of every migrant who wish to move to other countries for better living and settling.There are about 12 millions unauthorized immigrants in the US.There are more Canadians immigrating to USA than other immigrants. How does immigration effects US economy and culture, it is the major political debate topic.Everybody have different views about this topic.

According to expert economists, the following effects have been recorded on various areas:

1.GOVERNMENT BUDGETS : According to the economists, the immigrants pays more in taxes than they use in services.They add $10 billion a year to the US economy and federal budgets than is spent on them.Immigrants can raise public education cost and force considerable costs on places.

2. JOBS :  All the economists are agree to this fact that immigrants do not effect unemployment or wages very much,except for low skilled workers.The most recent economic evidence suggests that on average, the immigrants increase the income and opportunities for Americans.Generally the immigrants do not compete with the US Born workers for the same job,instead, the immigrants complement the work of US workers and increase their productivity.

3.HEALTH CARE : According to the center of immigration studies, the increase in the number of people without healthcare insurance since 1989 has been driven  by immigrants. This struggle the resources of those who provide medical care for uninsured, and raises insurance premiums for people who have insurance.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

US Immigration Laws For Canadians

US is very welcoming to its northern neighbors.There are many Canadians who wish to migrate to US for better Living and for citizenship benefits.Canadians who really wish to move to US have several options if they want to apply for US Visas like TN-1 visa, H1-B visa etc. Some Options that are really very quick and fast while some takes time for processing.

Here are some the several Options that help you getting a US visa:

1. TN-1 VISA : With the TN-1 Visa, a Canadian have the option to live and work in US for upto 1 year with the option to renew it annually.Many Canadians usually renew their TN-1 visas for many years in order to avoid the lengthy and hectic process of applying the permanent Visa to US.
In order to get a TN-1 Visa, a Canadians needs to go to US border checkpoint along with the proof of citizenship such as passport,the official letter from the legitimate employer with proper job description,qualification required and brief description of the employer's business is also needed in documented form.
 In addition,the proof of education and original copies of any professional licenses and qualifications is also required.The TN-1 visa then be obtained from US citizenship & immigration services(USCIS) offered.A $50 fee is required.

2.H1-B VISA :  H1-B Visa allows the Canadians to work and live in the US for three years.You can renew it once for a total of six years of work eligibility.H1-B visas are often called as the gateway to the employment based permanent residency because the employers can sponsor an applicant for transition to an EB-3 permanent green card.
 In order to qualify for HB-1 visa,one must show proof of education and professionals credentials with job letter from the employer and then the next process is under the USCIS. The total cost to issue the visa is typically between $3500 to $7000.

3.FAMILY BASED PETITION : Permanent residency through a family petition is the slowest process of getting US visa. It is also known as I-130 petitions and are available to those who have family who are either US citizens or permanent residents.It takes up to 4 to 10 years. USCIS prefers relationship over other relations. Spouses and children of US residents enjoy the fastest processing while the chances are usually good for a Canadian citizen but this way of immigration is slow and tedious.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Current Immigration Laws in US- Rules and Regulations

United States of America is always on the top list for the people who wish to migrate to other countries for better living and better life.As everyone know this country has so many good opportunities for better earning,better studies and better life, so it become the prior choice of every migrant. But the immigration laws and rules of US are very complex and difficult. It is not so easy to enter into this country. Today,though the citizenship process is still too long, the US is accepting more migrants as permanent residents than any other country.

So it is important to know all the laws and processes of US immigration, Some are shown below:


The first step in immigrating to US is to get a visa. There are many types of visas which allows different activities in the country. For example, Tourist Visa.People who enter into the US through valid  tourist visa are usually allowed to change their status to permanent resident or temporary worker.


After transferring the Visa, a person can become the permanent resident and can apply for the green card. A green card is a proof of permanent resident status. Issue of green card means that the person has the full right to live and work in the US and they can also apply for full citizenship.Other means of getting US green card rather than transferring visa is through  marriage or by becoming eligible for permanent residency through work.


Full citizenship is the final step in US immigration process. A permanent resident can apply for full citizenship after a certain period of time. Getting full citizenship means the residents can have all the rights and facilities same as the native citizen. In order to become a citizen, a person must be able to speak English, pass a US citizenship test and have all other required qualifications.


Sometimes before getting citizenship, immigrants can also be deported to their home countries from the US. Deportation can occurs due to many reasons such as improper documentation and approval,filing visa incorrectly, committing crimes etc. So knowing and obeying all immigration law and rules is very important if anyone wishes to become a legal US citizen.