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Berardi Immigration Law For Candians Immigrating to US

Berardi Immigration Law provides you information and resources on applying for US citizenship. Here, we provide you full range of immigration services. We can provide all kind of US immigration services. Berardi Immigration Law helps Canadian clients to move Canada to US without any complications.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer for US Immigration ?

An Immigration Lawyer is an independent practitioner who helps the clients with the issues relating US visas,Green cards,US citizenship and Naturalization,Criminal waivers issues and all other complex issues.As the US immigration law is federal,so people can get help of US immigration Lawyers whether they are living the US or any other country.

The USCIS(United States Citizenship& Immigration Service) reports that about 60 % of the applications and petitions are rejected if they are filed without any legal counsel.It happens because the US immigration laws are very complex and as the time is passing,it is becoming more complex and difficult  day by day.

Preparing for immigration can involve much more than just filling the proper forms.The experienced immigration lawyers or attorneys review the specific facts of your case,determine the various legal remedies,determine various risks or liabilities and guide your case through whole immigration process.The main work of lawyers is to predict legal issues and solving them,avoiding delay and resolving all the legal complications.

At Berardi Immigration Law,the immigration lawyer Ontario and other immigration attorneys have many year of combined experience handling all aspects of US immigration law.The lawyers can help you through the immigration process by minimizing the confusion and cut the excessive and unnecessary paperwork.For more help,Contact our Immigration Lawyers in Canada.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Work Visas for USA - H Work Visas

US employers uses the H Visas program to employ the foreign employees for the specific occupations.Many US employers needs highly skilled workers after a certain period of time.So the Canadians or other employees who wants to work under those employers needs H visas for enter into the US.The H visa category offers employment based, non immigrant visa to individuals who meets certain specific criteria.
 There are number of categories of H visas including : H1-B, H2-A,H2-B,H-3 Visas.

H1-B Visas (Specialty Workers)

If any Canadian is interested in working in the US as a professional and have a job offer from the US employer,then the person is eligible for the H1-B Visa.The H1-B visa category allows the professionals to work under specific or in "specialty occupation". The specialty occupations defines a job position which needs at least graduation or bachelor degree.The dependents or spouses of H1-B visa are entitled to H4 status.The Professionals which are eligible for H1 visas are Doctors,Accountants,architects,engineers,Professors, Computer programmers etc.

Contact our Immigration Lawyers in Canada for more details about H1-B visa.

H2-A and H2-B Visas (Temporary Alien Labor)

The H2-A and H2-B visas are used to bring workers in the US for the temporary and seasonal type of jobs when there is shortage of local US workers.The H2-A visa category includes seasonal and temporary workers for Agricultural jobs while H2-B visa category includes workers for non agricultural jobs.There is currently an annual cap of 66,000 visas for H2-B visas.The first step for US employers for hiring the Non US employees is that they need to apply the Temporary labor certification from the department of Labor.The dependents of H2 workers are entitled to H4 status.

Read more here

H3 Visas 

The Applicants coming to the US primarily for the training purposes in any specific field are categorized under the H3 visas.The trainees can take training in any specialized areas except the graduate education and training including medical training or any training program which is not available in the applicants home country.With this visa,the applicant can stay in the US for approx 2 years and the dependents of H3 visa holders are entitled to H4 status.

So if you are eligible for US work permits based upon your education and qualifications,you can work in the US. Every year, Berardi immigration Law firm provides easy immigration to USA and help many applicants from Canada and southern Ontario who wish to work in the US.For more assistance, call at 877-721-6100.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Obtain American Work Visas Based on NAFTA - Berardi Immigration Law

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is US non immigrant Professional Visa that allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the US in prearranged business activities for the US or foreign employers.The NAFTA creates special economic and trade relationships for the US,Canada and Mexico.Individual who are permanent residents but not citizen of Canada or Mexico are not eligible for NAFTA professional visa.Work Permits under NAFTA do not require Labor Market Impact Assessment

Eligibility for the Professionals of Canada and Mexico for obtaining NAFTA Visa:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico.
  • Profession should be listed in the NAFTA list.
  • Position in the US requires a NAFTA professionals.
  • The Mexicans and Canadians must be work for full time or part time job.   

NAFTA work permit list of Professions:
General Category : Accountant, Architect , Economist , Engineer , Forester , Graphic Designer , Hotel Manager , Interior Designer , Industrial designer , Lawyer , and many more.
Scientific Category:    Technician , Social works, Urban Planner , Vocational Counselor.
Medical/ Allied Professional :  Dentist,Dietician,Nutritionist, Pharmacist,Physician, Psychologist etc
So if you are a Canadian or Mexican Citizen and need NAFTA work permits and have any issue regarding immigration to USA, then Berardi Immigration Law can help you. At Berardi immigration Law, lawyers helps the clients in Southern Ontario and around the world to obtain American work visas based on NAFTA.Contact the Immigration Lawyers in Canada to handle your TN visa or U.S. green card  application so you can cross the border with confidence.Call at 877-721-6100 for more assistance.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marriage in the USA - Bringing Your Spouse to the USA

Each year over 400,000 US citizens marry non US persons and file petition for them to obtain permanent residence in the USA.There is lot of marriage based immigration to USA.Spouses of US citizens are called "immediate relatives" under the immigration law.As this is the easiest method of getting the US visa,mostly people generally perform fake marriages and all.So the USCIS(United States citizenship and Immigration Services) is very strict about all the processing and Marriage visa applications.Those who are considering to bring their spouses or fiance to the USA,should keep the following tips in their mind:

1) LEGAL STATUS : The duration of bringing spouse to the USA is totally dependent on  legal status of the US person.As there are categories of US residents like US citizen, green card holders,Non immigrant visas etc, so the processing  time depends upon the legal status of the person.
  • If a person is US Citizen,then the processing time for getting the immigrant visa for the spouse after marriage is the shortest and usually takes up to 8 to 12 months.If the person is getting married to the US citizen then there are several option like K1 Visa  or K3 visa or immigrant visa.One must compare these options carefully and select the most appropriate option.

  • If the US person is Green card holder,then the green card petition for the spouse will be filed in the F2A category which is limited under annual quotas.The person have to wait for several years before being able to go to the USA .The person have to wait generally for 5 years and meanwhile one will not be able to apply for tourist visa or immigrant visa such as student visa.But they are still eligible for H-1 Visa and L-1 visa if qualified independently.Therefore make sure that you have to wait for long if you decide to marry the US green card holder.

  • If the US person is on Non-immigrant visa such as H-1 visa,L-1 visa or F-1 visa,then their spouses can go to US immediately on dependent visas such as H-4 visa,L-2 and F-2 visas.But as they are non immigrant visas,so they have limited time of validity. If the primary visa holders applies for the Green card then the validity of dependent visa will automatically extends along with primary visa holder. 

 So before getting married to the US person,make sure to clarify the legal status of that person because your visa is totally dependent on the status of that person.

2)DOCUMENTS: Before getting married to US person, first check their all kind of necessary documents such as social security card,driving license and makes copies to keep it with you.The proofs of income tax and returns are necessary as they are required for affidavit of support purposes.

 3) K-1 VISA: If the person already petitioned for K-1 Visas twice in the past, then they cannot file petition for third time.Keep in mind this thing.

4) The US person can change his/her mind anytime and he/she may not file your green card petition even after getting married to you.Even after marriage,he/she can still withdraw petition at anytime.

5)Even if you have never been to the US,still your partner can file divorce case against you in his/her state of residence and US can grant such type of divorces easily.

6)If you are just getting married to obtain a green card then it is considered as fraud and punishable crime. Up-to $250,000 fine and up-to  years of prison is the punishment for such crimes.

7)While waiting for the green card petition to be approved,keep the constant contact with your spouse to show the genuine relationship and support.

To find out how you can petition to have your spouse live in the U.S. permanently, please contact or hire any professional lawyers and they  will help you identify what you and your spouse need to do
.Visit to the website given below if you have any questions regarding how to immigrate to USA.

Know more here ..Marriage in the US

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Labor Certfication - PERM, RIR and Standard.

Labor Certification is the most widely used employment based opportunity for obtaining a US green card.It requires a US employer to prove that there are no minimally qualified US workers for that position.Once the US department of Labor approves the application, the employee will be able to apply to US citizenship and Immigration services(CIS) for permanent Residency or US green card.

Labor certification is usually considered in two ways : Applications that are filed before 28 March 2005, are processed under standard or under " Reduction in Recruitment" (RIR)  and applications filed on or after 28 march 2005 are processed under completely new program called " Program Electronic Review Management" or commonly known as PERM.

PERM(Program Electronic Review Management) :

PERM  is US department of Labor's most recent program for Permanent Labor certification program. It was officially initiated on Dec 27,2004.
The main key points in the PERM program are:
  • PERM rules are applied on all those applications that are applied on or after 28 March 2005.
  • US employer must pay 100% of the prevailing wage instead of 95% of wages.
  • The PERM application must be filed electronically , directly with the Department of Labor.
Find more details about PERM here... What is PERM certification? 

RIR ( Reduction in Recruitment) :

Reduction in Recruitment or commonly known as RIR is the most commonly used labor certification program in late 1990's and early 2000's. RIR is very similar to the PERM and standard program in terms of recruitment and how the applications are processed.The main difference is that how the government processes the application and how much time the processing takes. The application under RIR are filed with the State workforce agency(SWA) and then after the reviewing whole details and documents the applications are forwarded to US Department of Labor for final Review. 

Berardi Immigration Law offers the comprehensive services in the employment based Green card process.If you are interested in anyone of the employment based program, Contact the Immigration lawyers in Canada and schedule your appointment to avail our services and help.